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8 November 13:00 - 16:00Sliperiet

Join eXpress Your Ideas 2017!

In our workshop series, students from all disciplines across Umeå university, work together in creative teams to test and develop their entrepreneurial skills and bringing ideas to reality.  

Every workshop has a different theme and is supported by experts in each field. It is a perfect opportunity to iterate a business model, test your idea and above all to build professional relationships to last in your future. 

The workshop series finishes with an evening of pitches, where you as a team will compete to become the winners of eXpress Your Ideas 2017 and win a 10 000 SEK reward. The winners also get a seat at Uminova eXpression - the incubator at the creative hub Sliperiet. 

Take this opportunity to test your ideas, explore new technologies which can help you in the idea and conceptualization process and build your relationships and network for the future!

Note that you should be a student at Umeå university to participate.

Why participate

  ○ Learn the process of testing new creative ideas
  ○ Iterate a business model 
  ○ Test your entrepreneurial skills
  ○ Build creative teams
  ○ Get feedback on your ideas to take it forward
  ○ Build relationships and your network for the future
  ○ Win 10 000 sek to your team

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Jessika Walker,  project manager eXpress Your Ideas at: jessikawalker@gmail.com

Workshop Schedule

Nov 14 - KICK OFF - Innovation Jam led by Sofie Lindblom, Innovation360 co-founder and previously Global Innovations Manager at Spotify. Learn the innovation process, tools for idea generation and how to focus
Nov 15 - Needs- Explore the process of customer and market verification with Rob McCuaig, Business Consultants at Revenues AB, working with growth and innovation in startups.
Nov 21 - Lab (optional)
Nov 22 - Learn the strategic part of business and how to leverage your product with Åsa Håål at Håål Management and Investment AB
Dec 5 - Lab (optional)
Dec 6 - Learn Hyper Island's methods for leading the project process forward through strategic teamwork
Dec 12 - Practice your presentation skills and get personalized feedback to optimize your product pitch
Dec 13 - KICK OUT - Final pitches with the chance to win 10 000SEK

Waiting list

Uminova eXpression

Uminova eXpression @expressionumea

Smack in the middle of Art Campus, the creative melting pot of Umeå, you will find Uminova eXpression. Our business incubator provides creatives the support they need to take their innovative ideas to the next level. Welcome to stop by Sliperiet and we'll tell you all about it over coffee!